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О себе:Streaming music on Twitch is still a gray area right now. It's theoretically disallowed even before the Corona crisis (if you don't have the proper permissions), but it's never been tested. For now, you can still stream your sets with other people's music and use it without warning because the platform doesn't have a so-called content ID system, such as YouTube or Facebook. Live streams are recorded there as soon as the protected music is detected by the system. But: It's still not legal just because it's not properly regulated. All previous known violations have been caused by so-called clips or VoDs (= Video on Demand, i.e. archives of content that have been streamed on Twitch). For example, with clips, viewers can capture a streamer's best and funniest moments. They can then be called up at any time in the streamer's profile. That is to say, if you have saved clips containing copyrighted music, they should definitely be taken down so as not to receive any warnings afterwards. How things will play out on Twitch in the future or whether live streams can be automatically checked for such violations is unknown as of today. Quality music videos give people the best experience download at
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